Addiction and mental illness pays no attention to social status.

Opioid and substance addictions are results of what health officials call “diseases of despair.”

When circumstances are desperate, or life’s just too much to cope, people sometimes turn to drugs and alcohol for a way to escape.

The misuse of prescription meds and the opioid crisis are alarming. Choosing to use drugs to self-medicate for mental illness, trauma, depression, or despair leads to chronic addiction. We see it day-in and day-out at Avivo.

Addiction and mental illness pay no attention to social status. And social inequities for accessing healthcare and treatment exist for individuals and families living in poverty and homelessness. That’s why Avivo matters.

According to Theresa, Avivo’s family treatment program is different. “I love that my daughter can live with me while I am in treatment. Avivo is helping me grow, and we are growing together.” Avivo’s housing, mental health services, job clubs, and career education programs are helping her to take the next steps for the future.


individuals accessed treatment & mental health services


women achieved recovery, with their children. The ONLY program in Minnesota where children up to age 17 can live with mom during treatment.

Gary is well-known and well-liked in Avivo’s ArtWorks program, which supports artists living with mental illness. Having lost years to misdiagnosis and ill-effects of wrong medications, he is committed to making sure people hear stories of individuals living with mental illness. He finds freedom to be himself and express himself at Avivo.