Opportunity is not equal for all.

Beyond access to healthcare, many social and economic factors – education, occupation, income, and years in poverty – impact wellness. Low-income families are at risk to be uninsured. Years of poverty can have detrimental effects on children and negatively impact their course for life. (Institute for Research on Poverty, University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Opportunity is still not equal for blacks and Native Americans in Minnesota. Compared to whites, they still face the largest inequities in education, income, and employment. They face higher rates of living in poverty and unemployment. (Pioneer Press report, twincities.com, May 16, 2016)

Avivo works intimately with individuals and families, to move them out of the gap… to stability and advancement.

Working with single parents to move them off of welfare into jobs to support their families. Providing immigrants what they need to be ready for work and find jobs. Training individuals for careers. Helping “hidden” unemployed Minnesotans find work.

Avivo is partnering to change systems and empower people.

Rania says she would’ve had to get just any job, without Avivo. “That’s why Avivo was so important. I wanted a career. I have a dream to be working in accounting.” Rania, married with three school-age children, needed to go back to work when her husband lost one of his two jobs. After graduating from Avivo’s accounting training program, she found a full-time, accounts specialist position to help support her family.


retained employment for six months or more


individuals moved off welfare into work

Avivo teaches Somali immigrants the English language skills they need to enter the workplace. Check out this video to see why this is so important!